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Having been in practice for over 30 years, Dr. Huml has seen a lot of trends come and go. So he knows that, like in sports, you have to have the basics covered first in order to play a great game. And to get good at it, it takes time. Health care is not different.

Dr. Huml's approach to integrative health care starts with an evaluation of where the patient's primary stressors come from. The four major areas where problems can arise are categorized into 1. Structural/Physical 2. Nutritional/Chemical, 3. Electromagnetic, 4. Mental/Emotional. Stressors in any or all of these areas can be responsible for symptoms that plague a person. To complicate matters, imbalances in one area may actually show up as a problem in a different place. For example, a nutritional imbalance of calcium and other nutrients can cause osteoporosis, which presents as a pain and serious problem, typically in the spine or hip, which would be classified as being in the physical structural realm.
Having been the President of the Council on Nutrition for the American Chiropractic Association, with a Diplomate in Nutrition and certification as a CCN (Certified Clinical Nutritionist) has given him tremendous insight into what can be out of balance in the Nutritional/Chemical area. So, testing starts with basic yet profound concepts of body pH and food intake appropriate for the individual. This is usually based on a blood type diet tailored for individual needs. Sophisticated metabolic testing is done when simple procedures fail to achieve the desired positive results. Evaluations such as parasite testing, organic acid analysis, toxic mineral evaluation, "bio-logical terrain", and nutrient testing are employed when necessary. This allows for very specific, individualized therapy based on the actual needs of the patients to be able to make the changes necessary to increase their health.

Structural and physical vectors are evaluated with an exam looking for distortions and imbalances in the body that interfere with proper functioning. With chronic health issues, besides the spine, feet, and general posture, a very important area to examine is the cranium (skull). Ninety percent of our nervous system is housed inside the cranium and a primary distortion here can imbalance and stress the rest of the body. The spine is also unique because it is the area in the body where most of the irritation to the nervous system occurs. When spinal nerves are irritated, it interferes with the normal transmission of information from the brain out to the body and organs, and vice versa. And like blood flow, if it is not proper, problems arise. So as a chiropractor, Dr. Huml knows that an appropriate evaluation of these areas for nerve interference or subluxations is part of proper care. Treatment in this vector of stress includes BioCranial Therapy, gentle spinal adjustments, extremity adjustments, soft tissue work, therapeutic stretches and exercise.

Electromagnetic stressors are usually overlooked and under evaluated. A field meter can be rented by patients to measure their working and sleeping environments to determine if unhealthy levels of electromagnetic fields exist. Even a small alarm clock by the bed puts out a very strong field that extends out over three feet in all directions. So avoidance of these abnormally high electromagnetic fields becomes easy once the person knows where they are and what generates them. Therapy in this area might include electro acupuncture, Chi Kung exercises, (Dr. Huml spent several weeks at the XI YUAN Hospital in Beijing in 1999 studying Chi Kung, as well as an acupuncture tour in China in 1985), outdoor activities, full spectrum lights, etc.

The Mental/Emotional realm is a big one! It should be obvious how important this area is to our physical health as well as our mental health. If someone has an unhealthy habit with food or worse, cigarettes, (smoking cessation is available!) the hand that puts those things into the mouth does not work alone. It is the mind that tells you what to do. So sometimes the most important blacks to being healthy are old patterns of behavior that need to be changed into healthier ones. After all, everything we do, all our behaviors, either healthy or not, are learned and are habits. It is the ability to change from where we are to where we want to be (healthier and happier, hopefully) that is a prime factor in doing what we need to do to be healthy. Thoughts are the realm of imagination. Action is the only thing that makes these desires, wants, or goals real.
We all have a gap between our thoughts and our actions, otherwise we would always accomplish what we intend to do. So closing the gap between thoughts and actions is where we find our integrity and fulfillment. Helping someone do this requires a commitment from himself or herself and from their health-care provider as well, as someone dedicated to helping them. This is why we have instituted a program called "A YEAR OF HEALTH" where we plan out a years' worth of Integrative Health Care. This approach of not just looking to alleviate symptoms, but rather to make changes at a deeper more fundamental and more permanent level allows for the time and life style changes necessary to let the body accept the healing process. How vibrantly well would you be with taking care of yourself for a year?

Classes in specific health topics like The Health Orientation, Foundation Nutrition, Osteoporosis and Menopause are offered regularly. And because our mental and emotional realm is such a big component of a healthy lifestyle, tapes and classes on meditation, breathing techniques, stress reduction, and more are also offered.

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