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It is a reconnecting to yourself - to the part of yourself that gets lost in the daily shuffle of our outward life - of earning a living, taking care of children, doing laundry, etc.  But we don't have to lose the connection.  Connection to what?  To the part of us that is different than the mind, although we use the mind to get there (or get the mind out of the way to get there).  We just have to use the mind in a different way than most of us are used to.  It is a quieting of the approximately 600 words per minute that the mind is said to talk to us at all day long.  It is disconnecting from that flood of active repetitive information, feelings, and emotions that constantly occupy the mind.  In meditation we get to quite the mind, the mind you had before you were an adult.  The mind you had before you were a child.  The mind that was aware of just "being", just being alive and knowing the connection that we have to our body and the connection we have to this matrix of  all life that we exist in and participate in, in every moment.  Ultimately, as all religions teach, this process lets us become more aware of, and then experience our connection to the source of all life.  So the experience of meditation is like discovering that the house you live in is not only a one-bedroom apartment, but a grand mansion with acres of cultivated land that is part of an infinite community.  In the beginning, meditation gives us a mini vacation from the stresses of daily living.  It can reduce our stress hormones, reduce our blood pressure, and give us a sense of calmness.  If you persist in the practice, the journey is a wonderful growth experience toward wholeness.  It can provide the avenue to reconnect to your soul and its original intent.
Peace and Love
Don Huml

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