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Spring is finally here!!!! So unless it is pouring rain, try to get outside to do your interval training.

Strap on your heart rate monitor, go outside, get your heart rate up and down four times- All it takes is 20 minutes!  After a three minute warm up, bring your heart rate to 80 percent of maximum. (A good approximation of your maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age.) As soon as you hit that number - slow down to a walk for 90 seconds or until you see your heart rate hit it's lowest and start to rise again on its own.  Do this three times and then on the fourth time, get your heart rate to 90 percent of maximum followed by 3 minutes of cool down.

Remember, if weight loss is part of your health goals try to do this H I I T exercise, (or High Intensity Interval Training) first thing in the morning, before breakfast; so that you burn stored calories and not your breakfast.  I find doing this in the morning gives me a lot more energy for the rest of the day. This simple exercise increases our heart rate variability and releases growth hormone; two very important factors involved in reversing the effects of aging!

Peace and Love 

Don Huml

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